The Black Blood In My Heart tells the story of a young woman’s experience and escape from domestic violence. Through her ordeal, she had to learn how to escape from her abuser, reclaim her dignity, reconstruct her life, and rediscover her peace. Domestic violence doesn’t just happen “out there” somewhere. It happens in every state, city, and town.

In this “real-life” story, La’Mena Marie shares her personal accounts of being battered, raped and humiliated at the hands of her husband. When we take the vows of marriage, never do we expect for the phrase “Til death do us part” to be a literal action that our spouse attempts to make a reality. But when La’Mena said, “enough was enough” her attorney told her to write down the particular events to build a defense case in court to help her break free.

What was supposed to be a timeline of events to build a case against her ex-husband became a window into this woman’s story, this Diary! Every woman who has left an abusive man—every woman who has yet to leave—will find encouragement and hope from the voice of La’Mena Marie, a woman who broke free.



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