A shockingly, true story of child sexual abuse and a 10-year journey chronicling the journey from a happy childhood, to molestation, abuse, depression, and ultimately the witness stand. Her name is Deborah Rose. She was twelve years old when she was taken to Fairmount Park by a police officer and sexually assaulted. Deborah’s world came crashing down when this highly-decorated and respected officer in the community made it clear that if she ever told, he would kill her.

The Shadow in My Eyes was born of Deborah Rose’s personal experiences to stay alive through the struggle and pain of abuse. This book details her experience and provides her readers with recommendations for overcoming the trauma of sexual and physical abuse. “I was a victim, but now I am a survivor, and the purpose of this book is to inspire you to forgive yourself and your abuser. It was written to educate you on how not to allow your past to dominate your present and future. Also, it will encourage readers to accept, own and embrace the past. Understand that there is life after abuse.”

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