A regular child living a regular life, CharronMonaye was quietly living in the space she was assigned and accepting the life she lived in as status quo. As an above average student, she did what she had to do. There was no room for complaints. Charron learned to keep her thoughts and pain to herself. Like many young girls, she kept a diary. A journal of her life.Never expecting to give it voice. Only out of necessity did she put it on paper. To keep it inside was too overwhelming. Finally, releasing her thoughts, even only on paper, was empowering. Prompted by her mother, she entered and won her first poetry contest in 1992 at age 14 with a poem called, ‘Alone’.

This was just the beginning for young CharronMonaye. She learned that the way to ‘live’ through all she was going through she had to channel the pain into her art. Music, literary arts and stage plays became her ‘voice’. As life would have it, she was once again given the opportunity to channel her emotions.

After obtaining her Bachelors of Arts Degree at West Chester University (Political Science), life continued to be a rollercoaster. Driven still, she went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Public Administration (concentration in Government) from Keller and a certificate in Paralegal Studies and Life Coaching Certification. Then suddenly – BOOM! She suffered from a life altering anxiety attack at the ripe young age of 30. Talk about a wake-up call. Charron had to reassess her life in order to live. She had to remove toxicity, manage overwhelming financial setbacks and muster up the strength to leave an unhealthy marriage, all while raising her children and trying to manage a semblance of normalcy for them. In the midst of it all, CharronMonyae started her own songwritingand stage play production company (Pen Legacy).

Using her art once again to find her voice, her power, her strength, she released her first book, “My Side of the Story” in 2010. “My Side of the Story” was so raw, so provocative that it was adapted into a stage play entitled, “Living Your Life” featured in the Black Theater Festival in Washington D.C. with actress D’atra Hicks. Realizing the power of her words, story and voice, Charron obtained the rights back for her story and expanded Pen Legacy to offer self-publishing, script writing and coaching.

Almost 10 years later, CharronMonaye has gone on to write and publish 5 books, 4 stage plays and was the content contributor for CNN IReport and The Philadelphia Association of Paralegals. She has helped hundreds to find their own voices so that they are now able to stand in their own power and strength through her personal coaching, publishing services and motivational books.

She continues to inspire others to use their voices to stand in the power of their greatness through her talks, workshops and keynote addresses, compelling women and girls with her story and equipping them to success.

CharronMonaye is a loving mother of 2 amazing sons, Christopher and Craig.She is an active and financial member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter and Order of Eastern Star, Ruth Chapter #66 (PHA~ PA). She may be contacted via email: info@penlegacy.com to lead your next workshop, keynote or conference.